Sunday, August 17, 2008

The First Two Weeks

Hey guys =)
Steve was right the first two weeks went by super fast. The plane ride was boring, and the movie didn't work, so there wasn't much to do. But i didn't really care becuase i was way to excited. I was in the airport and I had the most embaressing moment of my life. After going through security I was walking around and people were looking at me and laughing so I looked down and there was someones panty hose attached to my sock. haha, thats Denmarks first impression of me.
I met my host family and they're the best ever. I have two sisters, a nine years old, Mai and a seventeen year old, Mia. Then I have wonderful parents, Tommy and Vibeke. I live in a small town called Agger, its in Jutland right next to the sandy beach. :) I like running there, when its not too windy. The weather here is much colder, and it rains a lot. but not the same kind of rain its light and refreshing. I actually like it. The population of my town is 400, so its really a big change from mississauga. Everyone has cows. haha. I'm very close to a train station though, so its not hard to get to a bigger town. All the houses here are so close together, and the streets are very narrow. just like in the movies. Some of the houses have straw roofs!!
The first days of my trip i was really jet legged so i always wanted to sleep. But that olny lasted a couple days. My host mom had a birthday party so I met most of the family, they're really nice. My host grandma has travelled all around the world, she takes pictures. shes really cool.
The food here is amazing. haha I had the best danish of my life the other day. Oh and i actually like pickled herring and rye bread. My host dad is a chief so i'm being spoiled with great food. And my host dads grandma grows really good veggies in her garden. :)
I started school last wednesday. The students are super sweet. But the schooling is really diffrent. I travel with the same class to all of my subjects. The head of the school presented me in front of the whole school. so everyone knows who i am. I sometimes get confused, but there is always someone to help. :) The school made special danish classes just for the three exchange students. My danish is coming along, sometimes i can understand people when they talk. And I can say a few sentences. Everyone speaks english so its not too hard, but i'm still trying my best to learn danish. I can't wait until i'm fluent :D
I love it here so far. Today i will meet my host rottary club, i have to sing to them, so who knows... they might send me home eairly :P haha
Miss you guys!!